Naughty Dog’s Uncharted Feature Film Script


My name is Robert Benoit and below you’ll find the script for the Uncharted feature film that I wrote with my brother Trevor and our close friend, Kyle.

The film focuses on an original story that would fit within the cannon of the Uncharted series, between Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves. The main emphasis of the film is the breakdown of the relationship between Drake and Elena that led to the split into Drake’s partnership with Chloe Fraser. The story focuses on Drake having left the business following ┬áDrake’s Fortune to build a life with Elena, however this all comes to a head when Harry Flynn contacts him about a job that would set him for life. All it would require is one meeting with a wealthy entrepreneur, Quinn, that is seeking a treasure from a museum that would complete his ancient Egyptian collection. Drake hides this new job from Elena in order to allow her to continue to think he quit the treasure hunting business. Things come to a head when Drake is double crossed by Quinn and must stop him from unleashing an unstoppable power that could destroy the world.

This script was written back in 2012 and has been completed for years. We had an agent at one point and the script may very well have landed on the desk of Naughty Dog, though no reply was ever given. Some similarities came about when playing Uncharted 4 that dealt with Drake hiding his return to treasure hunting to help out a friend, in this case his brother. Another thought on similarities comes from the relationship between Elena and Drake exploding from the lies and it ultimately ends with some rather deep dramatic exposition.

We want to say that Uncharted 4 was amazing and it was the best entry yet in the series, though definitely missing the supernatural elements of the series that made it so captivating.

We hope you give our script a read and see what admirers of the Uncharted franchise came up with. Share it with anyone that you think would love to read it and we hope that a fantastic Uncharted film comes to pass. The one that is in the works has no blessing from Neil Druckmann, which is very concerning.

Our script retains the supernatural elements that we felt were necessary to make a film adaptation successful. The characters retain their personalities from the video game, but with real interactions between them that further necessary development. We wanted the antagonist to be extravagant, but in a subtly obsessive compulsive sort of way. The film is light hearted at times and dark at others. Thanks for reading and hopefully you like it! If not, then at least we had fun writing the epic Uncharted script from our passionate hearts.


Written by Robert Benoit, Trevor Benoit and Kyle DeVillafane

We do not own the rights to any of the characters or references to the Uncharted series, as they are under the sole ownership of Naughty Dog and Sony.