Dead Space Fan Made Script Adaptation: The Terrors of the USG Ishimura

I’ve been wanting to share this adaptation with everyone for quite some time, but my inability to overcome my insecurities about what people will think of my writing is what holds me back sometimes. However, I figure it’s about time I get over it and let the world read what I envisioned for this franchise if it ever made it to the big screen.


DEAD SPACE. What an incredible video game franchise. Blending the elements I love from Alien and Resident Evil 4 with the philosophical and religious subtext from popular genre films like The Wicker Man and Suspiria. While Dead Space drew inspiration from so many other horror franchises, it became it’s own force of nature with it’s unique visual approach on the future of mankind. Religion and science have always fought with one another, but I had never seen such a unique battle the way Dead Space presented. It was original, terrifying and stunning.

Glen Schofield. Thank you for creating such an incredible series.

I knew that if I was to adapt something this vast, it would have to be carefully planned and with a passion from someone who holds it dear. Heck, I beat the first one on Impossible mode I loved it that much. If Dead Space were every to be made, the elements that needed to be developed further was Isaac Clarke himself. The set-pieces that the series is known for had to be there, along with some throwbacks to the game, but with a way to separate itself as more than just a copy of the game. He needed a personality more present in the second game and a more developed relationship with his girlfriend, Nicole. He required deeper motivations for volunteering to help the Ishimura and the hallucinations needed to showcase the terror of the Marker. I wanted to show the audience what happens to the mind as it succumbs to the Marker rather than tell it. Every character needed to feel real, that way when any of them fall the audience experiences that loss. Think the successful writing by James Cameron for any of the team from Aliens! They only needed charismatic lines and performances to solidify them as an important part of this story.

I wrote this film in a few months after extensive research into not just the novels by B.K. Evenson, but from the lore created by Visceral Games. I cared greatly about capturing Dead Space with respect and adoration. I worked hard to recreate Dead Space for a movie-going audience. Then I submitted the script to Congress for protection as my fan made adaptation, that way it would always be there for anyone to read if it were ever lost.

I finished the script back in fall of 2015 and it’s been sitting on my laptop ever since. I doubt my adaptation will ever be produced or see the light of day, but I wanted people to be able to read my version and come to their own conclusions. Is it successful or an embarrassing attempt? I want you to be the judge and tell me if you think it is a faithful adaptation of a beloved horror franchise.

Without further ado, below is the full script for your reading pleasure.

DEAD SPACE Final Draft